What’s in My Jen & Co. Bag

What’s in My Jen & Co. Bag

Hey everyone, it’s Hannah!

I am a firm believer that you can tell a lot about someone by what they keep in their purse and, of course, by what Jen & Co. purse they carry every day! I am going to tell you what items I cannot live without being in my purse. 



Of course, I have lots of Jen & Co. purses, but the purse I carry the most on a daily basis is the Nina Crossbody. I love the functionality and security a crossbody provides, so to me, the Nina Crossbody is one of the ultimate everyday Jen & Co. bags. It comes in a multitude of colors so, there’s plenty of options to choose from. It is also monogrammable for all my ladies who love a good monogrammed purse. 


Let's start off with my favorite part of this purse. The side zip compartments to the Nina Crossbody are hands-down the best part of the bag. It is a cool pocket for anything you need to easily get access to. These side zip compartments make the Nina Crossbody a concealed carry bag- if you are into that sort of thing. If you are not, that is fine because it makes it a good pocket for your trifecta purse items: your wallet, keys, and phone. I personally use the zip compartments on my Nina Crossbody with these three things. If you are like me and have spent way too much time in your life searching for your keys in your bag frantically in the parking lot next to your car, the Nina Crossbody is absolutely the purse for you.



I use Jen & Co.’s Sam Wallet right now. I love how it is a fold-out wallet, making it easy to go on a night out in the town. You don't even need to pull out your ID! The Sam Wallet is the perfect size for all my cards and I adore the zip change pocket at the top.


I don’t know about you but, I am a big sucker for guitar straps. Not only does the Nina Crossbody come with a beautifully braided guitar strap, but I can put on any of our Jen & Co. guitar straps on this bag. Pro tip: put on different guitar straps to match your outfits each day (we have so many different colors and patterns). Lately, my go-to guitar strap has been the macrame strap since macrame is perfect for the summertime. Jen & Co. is coming out with plenty of new things for the Fall Winter Collection, but one of the things I am most excited about is the guitar straps with a vegan leather coin pouch. I cannot wait to put these on my Nina Crossbody since coin bags are super on-trend.  


Another thing I look for in an everyday purse is needing two compartments. The compartments help me organize my purse by separating my beauty items from everything else. The Nina Crossbody has two compartments separated by a zip closure in the middle. 


On the beauty item side of my purse, I have to have at least four different lip products. At least one of these has to be chapstick. I am a die-hard OG Burt’s Bees girl, but I love their Pink Grapefruit chapstick in the summertime. An addition to my beauty items is the lip product combo I currently wear. My favorite lip products that I have loved together lately are NYX’S Suede Matte in the shade Soft-spoken and Maybelline’s Lifter Gloss in the shade Petal. And yes, TikTok made me buy both of those lip products. I never go anywhere without my Secret’s Freshies On-the-Go deodorant. It looks like an EOS chapstick but is really a discrete deodorant. I cannot tell you how many times this product has saved my life as a hot-natured person. 

In the other compartment, I like to keep a Moleskine notebook to write down any lists, manifestations, or anything else I need to remember. I always have a pen handy in my purse as well. Airpods are vital for my day to day lifestyle, so they must go in as well.  My DIFF Eyewear sunglasses also lay within this compartment. The style I wear is the Carson Polarized Sunglasses. I consider myself a germaphobe, so I carry my Jen & Co. hand sanitizer caddy everywhere I go. 

As for the zip closure in the middle of my Nina Crossbody, it is the land of miscellaneous receipts that I will never need. I made sure to clean it out for this blog! 

Lastly, I really appreciate the zip closure at the top of my purse to make sure none of the contents of my purse fall out.

I hope you enjoyed looking through my Jen & Co. purse! Tag us on Instagram to show us what is inside your Jen & Co. bag!



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