Which Backpack Are You Based on your Zodiac Sign?

Which Backpack Are You Based on your Zodiac Sign?

Hi everyone, it is Hannah here today! In honor of school starting back up again, I wanted to showcase some of the fabulous backpacks that we have right now. So today, I wanted to add a little twist to the blog by adding astrology into the mix because I have been really into astrology and horoscopes lately. Without further ado, here is what backpack I think you should buy based on your zodiac sign.


1. Virgo- Elena Backpack

Since it is officially the start of Virgo season, I wanted to kick start this post with my pick for a lovely Virgo lady- the Elena Backpack. Virgos are known for their attention to detail, which correlates perfectly with Elena’s decorative tassel and gold-tone hardware. There are plenty of pockets in this bag to keep a Virgo organized (my favorite is the back slip pocket). Striving for perfection, Virgos will fall in love with this structured, timeless style. The Elena Backpack comes in beautiful neutrals: blush, brown, off-white, and gray.


2. Libra- Indigo Backpack


Next, we have a best-selling pick for the lovely Libras- the Indigo Backpack. Libras are known to be particularly well-balanced with a tendency to be indecisive, which is why a convertible backpack style is a must-have for them. Having Venus as their ruling planet, Libras possess an undeniable love for beautiful things. The aesthetically pleasing studded details and handle strap of the Indigo Backpack will please any Libra! This monogrammable style comes in light teal, latte, pewter, and sand.


3. Scorpio- Maddie Backpack


Scorpios often never reveal their cards- and will always leave others wondering who they really are and what they are thinking. With the Maddie Backpack, they will also have others wondering where they got their backpack. The Maddie Backpack has plenty of room with its seemingly endless pockets, making it a go-to backpack for ambitious Scorpios to bring along their way while they pursue their passions. I particularly like the side zipper pockets of this style. The Maddie Backpack is a sleek style with gunmetal hardware that will match any  Scorpio’s cool and mysterious exterior. This backpack comes in black, brown, ivory, and stone.


4. Sagittarius- Blake Backpack


Last but certainly not least, we have the backpack pick for Sagittarius- the Blake Backpack. Sagittariuses are often free spirits that need a trusty backpack to go along with their many adventures and travels.  The Blake Backpack is one of our best-selling backpacks because of its unique look with its different zipper compartments. This style comes in many fun colors and prints, which pairs perfectly with a Sagittarius’ bright and lively spirit. The Blake Backpack comes in a cheetah and leopard print, as well as cerulean, grey taupe, latte, light teal and rose gold. 





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