Valentine's Day Ultimate Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Ultimate Gift Guide


Hi, loves. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’ll be here before you know it.  Somehow I always wait until the last minute to do my shopping. Plus I never know what to give, but whatever it is, I want it to be perfect. I thought I'd help those out that are like me, and put together the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide. So if you’re gifting these to your significant other, galentine, or showing yourself some self-love, here are the perfect gifts from Jen & Co. 

Saige Wallet 

I personally love a good wallet that’s cute, not too big, but big enough to hold all of my cards and cash. If that sounds like you then the Saige Wallet is perfect. It has enough card slots to hold five cards plus an ID slot and a zippered pouch for cash. But that’s not all (lol this sounds like an old infomercial), it comes in a bunch of different colors in patterns. So many  that there’s just no way I'm going to type them all out, so go check them out on the website right now. I’ll wait. This wallet would be the perfect gift for that someone in your life who enjoys simple, small, super useful gifts. I promise that the Saige Wallet will quickly become their everyday staple.


Mila Clutch


If you’re looking for something a little bigger than a wallet, then I recommend the Mila Clutch/Crossbody. That’s right, if you’ve got someone that’s as indecisive as I am, then this bag is the one. It has a detachable/adjustable crossbody strap and wristlet strap, so it’s super easy to transform this bag into whichever look you’re feeling. I personally love this bag because it makes the transition from daytime to nighttime look a breeze. It comes in bright colors, loud prints, and nice neutrals, meaning you’re bound to find the look that your person loves just as much as they love you. 


Riley Crossbody 

I think that the size and shape of the Riley Crossbody is so perfect. I’ve never been an oversized purse carrier, so this is a great option for those who like smaller bags. But don’t be fooled because of its size. You can fit so much in the Riley and organize it all without a problem. One of the things I love, and I’m sure your person will too, is the slip pocket inside with a built-in card holder, plus two big compartments. That way there’s no more trying to jam your wallet into a small bag problem. This would be the perfect gift for those who love simplistic, everyday items. If your person has a staple or favorite color, don’t worry. This bag probably comes in it. 


Kendall Crossbody 

Spot the difference between this bag and the Riley. I’m just kidding, both of these bags are great in their own ways. The Kendall is a golden gal, she has a gold twist lock detail that adds so much to the look of this bag. It’s like the cherry on top. Like the Riley, it has cardholders inside, but has one large pocket instead of two. This bag would be perfect for someone who doesn’t need the added space. It has a nice, flat shape to it, so it’s perfect for those day trips where you just need something small, lowkey, and simple to hold the essentials. If you don’t have any clue which item to get your person after reading this, go with this one.

Valentina Shoulder Bag 

This is for all the trendy gals out there. Shoulder bags have been in for awhile, so it’s a safe bet for those with an edgy and trendy style. The shape of the bag, the black edges, and croc detail? Chef’s kiss. Disclaimer, your Valentine may quickly become obsessed with the Valentina bag. I know I certainly am.


Rain Bucket Bag 

This bag is perfect for those girly girls. Between the gold details, gorgeous colors, and shape, this bag is it. It’s the one. It’s not too big, not too small, it truly is the “it” bag. The inside features a slip pocket and card holders, plus enough room to hold whatever you need it to. It comes in brown, cheetah-multi, cheetah-rose, and hot pink. I think it’s safe to say your valentine will love this bag. You could even put some smaller gifts inside (like a Jen & Co. scrunchie maybe- idk just an idea). 


Tati Satchel 


Sophisticated lady? Tati here to complete that look. This bag is a timeless and elegant staple piece, and  is one of those bags that will never go out of style. And to top it off, it comes in a bunch of colors, prints, and textures. I could see this bag being perfect for the girl who goes from working to a night out. It’s got that look and space inside that’s perfect for either. 

Willow Tote 

For the person who needs all the space, the Willow is here. This is a best-selling tote for a reason. I mean just look at it. Gorgeous. If the space inside isn’t enough, it includes a back zippered pocket - that’s in addition to the inside open and zip pockets. This bag is perfect for the person who is always on the go. Besides being a great option just in general, I think that this bag would be perfect for a weekend trip, or even to be used as a baby bag. The Willow Tote is such a versatile piece and is available now in boho-rust, so grab it for that someone while you can.

Ida Hobo 

This bag right here is my Valentine. It’s personally one of my favorite styles right now at Jen & Co. And I think all of the colors that it comes in are just as perfect as the style itself. It comes in neutrals like cotton and blush (is pink a neutral? I consider it one), but also colors like burnt orange and cerulean. This bag has a magnetic closure at the top, so if I were gifting this, I’d take advantage of that and go the extra mile. Fill it with treats like flowers, chocolates, and all the cliche Valentine’s things. But even if you don’t go that far, your person will love this bag anyways.  

Meribella Striped Tote 

Planning a beach trip soon? Even if you’re not, just look at this bag. A little break from our vegan leather bags, this bag is made out of neoprene and comes with a smaller bonus bag inside. Why’d I mention the beach? The neoprene fabric is super easy to just throw in the washing machine to clean. It’s the perfect bag for those who may be a little messy and need a durable bag. No judgement, I’ve spilled chinese takeout in my bag before. It happens. This bag would be super cute for the upcoming Spring and Summer months, which is why it would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 


Blake Backpack

For those who want something a little different, a little more hands-free, then the Blake Backpack is definitely a contender for being a good gift. I always love using backpacks for travel. They always seem to fit a lot in them, and work as a carry-on for flying. The Blake is no different. There’s plenty of room to fit everything needed, plus the bottom pocket is really nice for keeping shoes or toiletries separated from clothing. It’s available in solid colors, prints, and metallics, so there’s something in there for everyone. 


Selina Loungewear 

Your person will enjoy countless times snuggled up in this loungewear set. It’s one of my favorite loungewear sets that we have, plus I feel like I’ve seen it a lot, so it’s definitely in style right now. I can see why it is and I'm sure you can too. It has a gorgeous knit texture, neutral tones, and the cutest button details on top to complete the Henley look. If you’re looking to gift something other than a bag, or maybe something to go inside the bag, then choose this. Really. You won’t regret it after you see your Valentine’s face after pulling this set out. 

I hope you found your perfect gift. Whatever you pick off of this list, your person will love it. You can’t really go wrong with any of these ideas. I hope your day is spent with the people you love the most, and that you have the best time. 



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