Top Picks of Spring and Summer Collection

Top Picks of Spring and Summer Collection

A new season means new arrivals, and we hope that you’ve been enjoying ours. There are so many new options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Prints…bold colors…pastels. I could keep going with this, but you get the idea. Anyways if you haven’t been keeping up with our weekly drops (what are you doing if not?) I’ll help you out. Here’s a curated list of my favorite pieces from a couple of the drops. 


Drop 1: Izzy Crossbody

If you know Riley, you’ll also love Izzy. Now I’m not saying that Riley isn’t a staple that you still need, but the Izzy adds on some new features to that classic style. Starting off with the size, the Izzy is a little bigger, while still being the perfect, small sized crossbody that you love. It has the same two main compartments, middle zip pocket, and card holders that the Riley has. But wait, here’s the best part of this bag- the guitar strap. Show off your style and easily change the look of your Izzy with this feature. Izzy + a fun guitar strap? You can’t beat it. 


Drop 2: August Tote 

If you’re wanting something a little bigger than a crossbody, but not a full on giant tote, check out the August Tote. It’s the perfect mid-size bag. I’m my opinion it’s the perfect everyday bag. There’s enough room to carry everything that you need, while not being overly bulky or hard to carry around. It also has the extra protection of a zip closure on top, and a  removable/adjustable crossbody strap. If you haven’t fallen in love with this bag yet, it’s made out of a gorgeous woven material which is great for the summer. Good luck picking a color because there are plenty to choose from. 

Drop 3: Scarlett Nylon Tote


The Scarlett tote bag is a favorite for so many reasons. The vegan leather details. The colors. Everything. I’ve loved this durable and easy to bag. I think it’s perfect for mom’s on the go, as a work bag, or even as a travel bag. One of my favorite features about this bag is the laptop sleeve inside. There’s no need to worry if your laptop will be safe, or anything that you put in this bag for that matter. Besides the laptop sleeve it has several small compartments that make organizing a breeze.

Drop 4: Lexie Aztec Backpack

Backpack? Shoulder bag? Why not both? Our Lexie Aztec Backpack is ready for the Spring and Summer with its mint and pink Aztec design (don’t worry it comes in other colors too). What I love about this backpack is its functionality. It’s so easy to change between the styles and if you’re into organizing you’ll be obsessed with all the compartments on the inside. This bag would be great as a school bag! 

I hope seeing the list of my favorite bags will help you find yours! There’s so many new styles and colors to choose from, you don’t want to miss it. Some colors have already sold out, so hurry! We hope you’ll love these new arrivals as much as we love them. 




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