Top 5 Summer Handbags for 2021

Top 5 Summer Handbags for 2021

Hi lovelies, it's Sadie!

Here are my Top 5 Summer Handbags for 2021! As most of you know, we are having a huge end of summer sale starting August 2nd. And if you didn't know, the sale is going to be 25% off all summer bags, all apparel, and all accessories! Personally, I know I'm going to get a bunch of scrunchies (because you can never have too many) and the Athena Tote! I think it's such a beautiful yet roomie bag, and could be styled with any fall/winter outfit. Perfect for those colder days when I want to get some work done on my iPad at my local coffee shop.


Anyways, now that the summer season is almost coming to a close (wow, it flew by so quickly!), I wanted to talk about my top favorite summer bags from this season!


1. Deedra Net Bag

One of my favorite bags was the Deedra Net Bag. I don't know about you, but the macrame trend is one that will continue to live on for me, for many summers to come. I loved wearing my macrame bag this summer because it was lightweight, stylish, and surprisingly versatile. I used Deedra for going to the farmer's market, picnics, the beach, brunch with my girlfriends, and the pool. It is such a cute and effortless accessory for any summer look.

2. Valentina Shoulder Bag

Valentina is one of our most trendy styles, and definitely a bag I will continue to wear throughout the rest of the year! Throughout this season, I made it my number one priority to live life to the fullest (because 2020 was a thing). So I brought Valentina to a lot of my little adventures. As an Altanta local, I went out to a lot of restaurants, shopping districts, and clubs. Valentina was the perfect companion! She immediately elevated my look, even if I was wearing a simple dress with tennis shoes. I felt so cute and so trendy. I can't wait for the sale because I will definitely be getting Valentina in Sand! I have so many beige outfits for the fall that I'm so excited to pair with Valentina!


3. Athena Tote

Okay, so I know I mentioned this earlier but it deserves more love. The Athena Tote is so great because it's timeless, roomie, and oh-so cute. I am in love with the woven detail and the soft, vegan leather. I think if you get the Athena Tote, you can't go wrong with the color you choose. She comes in brown, willow, and warm grey, all fairly neutral colors to pair with any outfit. This is definitely my everyday bag and I will be carrying her with me into the fall!

4. Autumn Crossbody

As someone who works in the fashion industry, I am always on the prowl for specialty pieces to add to my wardrobe. This summer, the Autumn Crossbody was my specialty piece. It was love-at-first-sight because I am a big fan of the straw-like material. I think the natural gold goes well if everything, and it adds a softer, organic look to your outfit. I am also a huge advocate for a good crossbody bag. I went to a few concerts and beach trips this summer which all required a lot of walking and multiple summer outfits, and the Autumn Crossbody was perfect for every single outfit.

5. Nixie Satchel

One of my favorite looks this summer was this modern, boho chic vibe. For this look, I would sport the "no makeup" makeup look. The idea behind it is to look like a natural beauty. So, I thought Nixie Satchel was the best pick for that natural aesthetic. Nixie was definitely one of my specialty pieces that I would plan around my more fun and fashionable outfits. When I went shopping or had brunch with the girls, I loved bringing along Nixie. I would just throw in my wallet, sunglasses, sunscreen, perfume, and sometimes a book if I was wanted to get some work done at my local smoothie place. She has a good amount of room for a satchel which made her my more reliable accessory, and I ended up wearing Nixie a lot more than I originally thought I would! She is super cute, lightweight, and one of my favorite summer bags!




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