Top 4 Bags for a Day Trip to Westside Provisions District

Top 4 Bags for a Day Trip to Westside Provisions District

Hey, babes!

Ever find yourself craving new sceneries, sidewalks, views and overall vibes? Well, let me tell ya… I 100% do. I constantly need to change it up to keep my life full of inspiration and those creative juices flowing! 

Sadie and I recently took a day trip to Westside Provisions District in Atlanta, Georgia to shoot content while allowing ourselves a break from sitting in the same office everyday (you deserve a break, ladies - don’t be afraid to take it when you need it.) While we were there making fresh content for our social pages, we were able to explore the Westside Provisions District and all it has to offer. I realized how important it is to have the perfect bag with you on day trips as these usually consist of walking long distances. So, I wanted to share with all of you my top four bags for going on day trips.

1. Coralia Mini Bag


Let’s go over the scene in this image. Sadie and I saw this area and initially thought it had the cutest little bench offering us the best background of the iconic bridge you see all over instagram. This bench is a part of a restaurant and bar called JCT Kitchen & Bar which basically means you can go here to have a meal or to grab some drinks with friends and enjoy the atmosphere they have created. As we sat here for a few minutes enjoying the scenery, I was thinking about how much fun it would be to come back to this restaurant on a beautiful sunny Saturday, grab a lobster roll and stay as long as possible enjoying the fun drinks they offer with friends. Who doesn’t love a Saturday full of day drinking with your favorite people?

So, what does this have to do with a bag? Well, I personally do not love the idea of having to keep up with a bag whenever I am out with friends, so I found the perfect solution to this problem that I am sure many of you deal with too! Our Coralia Mini Neoprene bag is the perfect addition to your day trip as it is a washing machine safe handbag! How perfect is that? You do not have to worry about this neoprene bag getting dirty from being outside all day, drinks spilling on it or even accidentally dirtying it up by dropping it on the ground. Amazing! I personally enjoy the size of the Coralia, but if you feel like you need more room - we do have the Jolee Neoprene Crossbody and the Meribella Neoprene Tote which are both also washing machine safe. This makes it so easy to keep your bag a safe distance from you so you can enjoy your time with friends and not worry about bringing home a messy bag when it’s time to go.

2. Alexa Hobo


Okay ladies, let’s talk about brunch. Westside Provisions does not disappoint with their brunch selection, they have multiple coffee shops and a few different brunch options. My favorite is the West Egg Cafe - yumm! If you have not heard of this quaint little spot, you are missing out and I hope you get to enjoy it ASAP. If not for the food, for the coffee… which is just as, if not more, important than the food (who agrees?) Pro tip: order from their monthly drink specials - you will thank me later! Brunch in Atlanta makes me feel as if I am walking down Madison Avenue with Carrie Bradshaw heading to Magnolia Bakery.

Let’s be honest, Sunday Brunch is mostly about showing off that one outfit you have had in your closet for some time now, and what makes an outfit more elevated than a perfectly matched handbag? My pick would be the Alexa Hobo bag. Why? Because it is the perfect size for your car keys, wallet, sunglasses, hairbrush and makeup - all of the necessities for the perfect brunch. Alexa has more than enough room for all of your items as well as a concealed carry option if that is something that interests you. 

3. Marina Crossbody


We have gone over where to get drinks and brunch with the girls, now let me introduce you to one of the best, quick lunch options you will find in Atlanta. If you have been to Taqueria Del Sol, you know what a good choice this is, and if you have not, you 100% need to make plans this weekend to check it out. Everything on the menu is amazing but let me tell you my favorites. To preface this, I went to the University of Georgia and lived in downtown Athens where a Taqueria Del Sol (or “Taq” as my friends and I would call it) was walking distance from my apartment. So, I have pretty much had everything on the menu. First things first: the house margarita on the rocks always with a salt rim… to die for! This is one of the best margs I have ever had. You can’t go to Taq without getting one - it’s just not the same experience! Another must have is the salsa trio - I have no words… you just have to get it, trust me. My favorite entree choices are the fish taco and the Memphis taco - AMAZING.

This is a pretty casual, quick restaurant option and I personally think an easy-to-carry bag is the way to go. The Marina Crossbody is one of my favorite bags we offer because you can wear it as a crossbody or a shoulder bag, and it is the perfect size for your phone, wallet and car keys. I love a bag that fits just what I need and doesn’t take up too much space. Marina also features a detachable coin pouch which is key if you are a “pay with cash” gal like me! And most importantly, you need a hand free bag to be able to carry that pitcher of margs back to your table (lol!) 

4. Colbie Macrame Bucket Bag


Westside Provisions offers SO much great shopping whether that is clothes, furniture or art. If you are coming to this district for shopping, you will be moving around a lot. My favorite places to shop in Westside are Anthropology, Free People and Lululemon. While shopping, I prefer a small bucket bag to hold my phone and wallet - that is all I need to shop! The Colbie Macrame Bucket bag is a great option for my style of shopping while staying on trend with summer fashion. Macrame bags are hugely popular for serving those summertime looks. We offer many different styles, sizes and colors in our macrame collection that you can check out here.

Overall, Westside Provisions District is the perfect day trip destination whether you are dining, eating or shopping. Stay tuned to find out where we go next!




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