The Perfect Jen & Co. Bag for your Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Jen & Co. Bag for your Zodiac Sign

Hey babes!

It’s Kristina here to tell you which bag I think suits your zodiac sign. Whether you are into astrological signs or not, this is a fun blog that is worth the read. Let’s face it, we all love to see what someone would recommend for us whether we think it’s true or not - that is sort of the fun of it though, right? Side note, Hannah wrote a blog last week about which backpack you should buy based on your zodiac sign - go check it out!

Let’s go ahead and jump into the Zodiac signs.


As an Aries, you aren’t afraid to make a bold statement. Most likely because you have enough confidence alone to set you apart from the crowd. Aries, your style is usually creative and cool with fashion forward low-key pieces. You will be surprised by how much use you will get out of the Ivy Clear Crossbody. It is any street style enthusiast’s dream, and not to mention that it comes in your power color. 


A Taurus prefers to make her fashion statements in an understated, somewhat simple way. Taurus women are known for celebrating femininity, such as the color pink. Taurus’ tend to be drawn to quality and texture and love timeless pieces. She values versatility in the products she buys so that she can complete almost every look with the item. Basically, she wants to get her money's worth and the Tati Satchel in croc beige is just trendy enough for a Taurus’ style.  


Gemini, you are a tough one because you can be totally unpredictable. A Gemini’s style is eclectic, occasionally leaning to funky and eccentric. Some days, you do want to stand out and the next you want to blend in and be subtle. The Rain Mini Bucket Bag will offer a Gemini the best of both worlds that plays to both of their sides. The indigo shade is not over the top, but the edgy gold embellishments are the perfect addition to make this bag eye-catching, in case you decide to channel your inner rocker. 


Cancer, you have such a classic style that there are a few bags that come to mind when I consider what the perfect bag is for you. You are attracted to neutral colors that give off a slight shimmer, so I don’t think a classic black bag is worth it for you. Cancers are oftentimes drawn to vintage products and soft, smooth fabrics like satin and silk. The Margot Clutch has just enough of that vintage feel to match the Cancer’s style. 


Leos love luxury, look great in red, orange, black, purple and animal print and have exquisite taste. If a Leo is going to invest in a bag, it is going to be something special and statement making. A Leo will use accessories to stand out from the crowd and prefers gold jewelry, so the Giselle Satchel is the perfect luxe bag with it’s gold details and animal print pattern. Giselle being in Leo's color palette is a bonus!


A Virgo’s style tends to start looking like their uniform. Virgo’s have a specific style range that they stick to, and honestly, it’s never failed them. A Virgo always looks perfectly put together and is never (or rarely) flashy or funky. You aren’t quite girly, but you are far from grungy, so you need a bag that falls in the middle - the Penelope Saddle Bag is just that, and it’s a plus for the Virgos that it comes in an earth tone. 


Libra, you love any design that is structured and symmetrical since you are known for being balanced, and you tend to always want to find something new to experience with. Libras also tend to like classics, with a twist, and go for lush fabrics such as silk and suede. Because you easily balance high and low fashion, bold and soft colors and sexy and modest silhouettes, the Elena Backpack is perfect for you. The structured backpack is the perfect mix of classic and trendy and can pair perfectly with a bold look. 


Scorpios rule the dark and moody style. They are polished 24/7 and are masters of uniforms. Scorpio, you love well-cut staples so much that you will purchase one item in every color. (if you like it enough) Dark, mysterious, edgy, luxurious but still practical and useful. Scorpio, am I describing you or the Meribella Tote in cheetah black


Insightful, brave, lively and optimistic all describe a Sagittarius woman. Sagittarius, you are inquisitive and curious and genuinely want to understand and explore it all. You love shades of orange, red and yellow and love to rock a boho look. Your relaxed elegance will pair perfectly with the Riley Crossbody in boho rust. The boho rust print is the perfect mix of your favorite shades and can be the standout accessory for all of your outfits. 


Capricorn, you are the most sophisticated sign. You love fine craftsmanship, the look of super sleek leather and you don’t fuss over flashy labels. Your style is normally practical but not boring, and you tend to like black and white, earthy shades and you appreciate a strong red. A Capricorn’s style could be described as effortless chic, and the Jolee Crossbody is the perfect cute-but-practical crossbody for a Capricorn. 


Aquarius women are true non-conformists and march to their own drum. She is creative and unique, strong, smart, independent and original. The vibrant style of the aquarius shows in her trendy, unusual, unique and possibly a little rebellious wardrobe. You love print and bold and unusual colors. Your vibrant style fits perfectly with the two-toned tote, Stephanie, in seafoam and turquoise. 


Pisces, you are a “true-dreamer” who is mysterious and romantic. You are compassionate, intuitive and artistic and it shows in your style. A pisces has a soft, feminie style oftentimes with a whimsical flair. She is normally eye-catching but not over the top and is perfectly suited for pastels. The Brielle Bucket Bag perfectly shows the pisces’ free spirited style, and the light lavender color is perfect for her color palette.

I hope you enjoyed this blog - Let me know in the comments if I got your Jen & Co. bag recommendation correct based on your zodiac sign! I will talk to y'all soon. 



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