Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Hi everyone! We’re going to switch things up from our usual blog topics this time to celebrate Earth Day. So if no one has told you this yet, happy Earth Day! Today is all about celebrating our planet and its clean and natural resources. It’s not only about celebrating, but about reflecting on the choices we make to protect our planet. Here at Jen & Co. we strive to protect the Earth by using cruelty free materials without sacrificing style. By combining unique materials, eye-catching prints, and luxe textures, we create alluring vegan leather styles that command the room. But today, I don’t want to focus on just us, keep reading to see five ways that you can help protect our planet (They may or may not include Jen & Co.).

1. Buy alternative leather products

Cough, cough. I happen to know a good vegan leather company. But I guess you already know about Jen & Co. if you’ve made it this far. And if you haven’t bought one yet, what are you waiting for? The leather industry has one of the biggest negative impacts on the planet, but now more than ever, vegan leather options are so easy to find. It’s literally never been easier to go vegan with your fashion choices. Plus, vegan leather is often lighter than real leather, which makes it a win-win. So don’t stay in the past with cow leather, pick out your new Jen & Co. bag today! I recommend this Riley Crossbody.


2. Use reusable shopping bags 

I’ll admit that I’m guilty of not always doing this. But together we can do it! So let’s stop being lazy and bring in our own, reusable shopping bags next time we head to the store. Jen & Co. has some great options that can be used as shopping bags. I know the next time that I go shopping, I’ll be bringing my favorite, the Madison Tote. You can’t tell me that this bag doesn’t belong at places like the farmer’s market. I love how spacious, yet cute this bag is. Plus it comes with a smaller (but still spacious) bonus bag on the inside to hold all of your newly purchased items. 


3. Recycle 

Say it with me, “next time I buy Jen & Co., I’ll recycle the shipping box”. Could it be this Sloane Crossbody that you pull out? This is such an easy way to contribute to helping the planet. It only takes a couple seconds more (maybe) to check if something is recyclable before just mindlessly chucking it in the trash. But there are more ways to recycle than just discarding things. Let your cat play in your Jen & Co. box - it’s like a present for both of you that way, you get a new bag and your cat gets to have the time of its life playing in the cardboard box. Or if you’re not a cat person, reuse the box next time you need to ship something out. If recycling isn’t for you, at least check out recycled products. Jen & Co. has some great options. 


4. Only buy what you need

No, don’t take this as ‘you don’t need another Jen & Co. bag’. You do. You need it. There are some great purse options, like the Sabrina Crossbody, that I’ll put a picture of above.  But seriously, before purchasing something think to yourself: Are you being a responsible consumer? Can you do without some of the things that you buy often?. Whether it’s groceries, clothing, or home products, by only purchasing what you need, you help reduce the amount of waste and pollution that is generated. Buy less, by buying better. Find companies that practice sustainability and also produce high quality products, like Jen & Co.. 


5. Pack light on your next trip

Besides buying only what you need, this might be the hardest one. Next time you go on a trip, set a goal for yourself. Grab your Rory Duffle Bag, or buy it if you don’t own it already, and try to fit everything that you need in it. It’s such a spacious bag that I don’t think It’ll be an issue. Plus, it’s a neoprene bag which makes it so easy to clean and reuse for every trip.  By packing light you’ll help reduce your fuel cost, which also means more money to spend on that Jen & Co.. Travel in style with your duffles! 

I hope that I’ve helped you find some easy ways to help protect our planet! Have a happy Earth Day and remember to make conscious decisions! 





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