Cupid's Cozies

Cupid's Cozies

Valentine’s season is in full swing, and I feel like it’s just one of those things you love or you hate. But trust me, you won’t hate these loungewear sets. So while Valentine’s outfits, date ideas, and gifts are all being thrown around, this Cupid (and me) will be keeping it cozy. Here are Cupid’s Cozies, and 40% off for my galentines. All you have to do is click the link and you’re good to go. Click here for the sale! 


 Selina Loungewear Set 

I would ask this set to be my valentine if I could. The details of the Selina are perfect. It’s made with the softest waffle knit material- trust me on this one. The buttons turn this set into a stylish, not your average sort of loungewear set. I feel like this is the perfect compromise between “real clothes” and sweatpants. Plus if you’re a neutral lover, you’re in luck. This set comes in black, cream, grey, and light taupe. What are you waiting for?


Skye Loungewear set 

This set is everything you have ever wanted. The Skye loungewear set is perfect for transitioning from Winter to Spring, or maybe you just prefer shorts over pants. It’s thick, soft fabric offers the perfect amount of warmth and coziness. But lets not forget about this print. It comes in the prettiest blue or pink cloud print. It reminds me of pretty sunsets. You can’t go wrong with either of these colors or the Skye Loungewear Set in general. 


Eliana Loungewear Set

If you have something against cloud print and the colors blue and pink,  here’s some leopard print and plaid for you. Hood included. I seriously love this set a lot. I’m not sure which pattern I love more though. Plus the colors?  The set comes in leopard black, and taupe; or plaid black and white, or red and white. This lightweight, super soft set will keep you cozy all year round.


Monroe Set

This set is like Eliana’s big sister. She’s ditched the hood and opted for a cute cardigan instead. I think this set is perfect for the upcoming change in weather. It’s still super soft and cozy, but with this three piece set, if you get a little warm, it’s no problem. Just take off that outer cardigan and you’re good to go! Underneath is a cute, wide strapped tank. If you like to have options, but still a cohesive set, the Monroe is 100% for you. If wearing white scares you (I manage to stain every white article of clothing I wear), this set also comes in black, grey, and lt. taupe. 


Winny Loungewear Set 

If you’d rather cozy up with a set that’s similar to the Skye Set, but more neutral, I would suggest the Winny Loungewear Set. The Winny is made of the softest hacci fabric. It’s so amazing you’ll never want to take it off. I wear this set to bed and it’s so hard not to pull up to the office still wearing this set. Ugh, I miss having pajama day back in grade school. If you’re a little overwhelmed by all the pink going on right now because of Valentine’s day, you can also snag this set in grey, ivory, and sand. 

I’m pretty sure Cupid’s got one of these cozy sets on right now, or maybe I’m just talking about myself. But seriously, take advantage of the sale and see how amazing these Jen & Co. sets are. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do! Follow our socials @jencohandbag, and I’ll talk to ya’ll later. 

Click here for the sale! 



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