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Why We’re Vegan: Three Reasons Why to Choose Vegan Leather

June 19th, 2024

Evans Vegan Rattan Crossbody

Vegan Leather > Traditional Leather

More and more we’re seeing vegan leather products take over the fashion industry, and we’re here for it at Jen & Co.! The vegan fashion market is expected to keep growing in the com. Choosing vegan is about taking part in a movement that impacts humans, animals, and the planet. There’s no compromise either; we believe that vegan leather is a great alternative to traditional leather. We’ll explain why.

Izzy Vegan Lizard Crossbody

It’s Cruelty-Free

This one’s easy! Vegan leather is 100% cruelty-free. As a PETA-Approved brand we believe that you should be able to look great and feel great about the products that you buy. Think about the scale on which traditional leather products are consumed. All that leather has to come from somewhere, and intended or not, large scale production can create cruel environments for animals involved. Fashion shouldn’t have to come at the expense of lives!

Animals aren’t the only thing paying the price- there’s also our planet. Farming (including the traditional leather industry) produces approximately 14% of all greenhouse emissions caused by human activity. It has a huge carbon footprint and is not environmentally sustainable.

Vegan leather offers you a chance to foster a sustainable future, while still enjoying the fashion that you love.

Bonnie Vegan Whipstitch Clutch/Crossbody
Bonnie Vegan Whipstitch Clutch/Crossbody


One big misconception is that there’s no way vegan leather offers the longevity that authentic leather does. However, vegan leather is more durable and lightweight than traditional leather!

There’s no need to worry about cracking, fading, or time consuming maintenance to make sure your product looks and feels great. Bag get dirty? All you need is soap and water to clean! Materials used in vegan leather actually go beyond the surface. Pineapple leather offers flexibility, cork leather is waterproof, and recycled materials are easy to wash. Today, vegan leather is just as luxurious as traditional leather.

Riley Vegan Crossbody


Vegan leather also allows you to get the look that you want without spending loads of money.

Traditional leather is often very labor-intensive to create. This leads to those high prices I’m sure you’ve seen while bag shopping. Vegan leather isn’t nearly as hard to produce, allowing quality to be maintained, but making it much more affordable for consumers.

Rhodes Vegan Quilted Bangle

Ready to find out for yourself why we believe vegan leather is so great? Just check out our vast collection of vegan leather handbags. From crossbodies to wallets, we’ve got every cruelty-free option. It’s time to shop with compassion. Who knows, you may never go back to traditional leather.